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About the Practice

Protecting Intellectual Property

Helping clients with:

Patents: Provisional, Utility, Design

U.S. and International portfolio building and management, including patentability searching and opinion, drafting, filing and prosecuting, strategic counseling, enforcement, agreements and licensing

Trademarks: Name, Logo, Slogan

State, Federal, and International portfolio building and management, including comprehensive searching, registration, enforcement, co-exist agreements and licensing, branding and product launch

Copyrights: Artistic Works

Registration, ownership, fair use, and transfer

Trade Secrets: Competitive Advantage

Protection, enforcement, and licensing

IP Licensing

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets and Know-How

Technology Transactions

Confidential disclosure, technology transfer, material transfer, and supply agreements; joint ventures; collaborations; and assignments

Representative client technologies:


Cultivars, Formulations, Consumer products, Devices, and Processes

Life Sciences

Microbiology, Genetics, Immunology, Cellular Biology, and Molecular Biology

Medical Devices

Diagnostics, Assays, Reagents, Kits, Sensors, Methods, and Instrumentation

Food and Beverages

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Restaurants, Wineries, Food, Processing and packaging

Health and Beauty Products

Personal care, Hair care, Body care, Skin care, Cosmetics, Tools, and Devices


Vitamin and Dietary supplement formulations

Sports Innovation

Sporting goods, Sport technology, Rehabilitation, Tools, Devices, and Recovery formulations

Mechanical Devices

Kitchen and household items, Personal accessories, Toys, Automotive parts, Tools, and more

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